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Here are some short inspirational speeches videos from people that have accomplished some of their goals and are reaching out to giving back. I recommend that you make it a habit of watching or listening to these personal growth videos. If you do, your life will never be the same. These videos have inspirational quotes, for personal growth, that can be applied to every part of life.

One thing most of us don’t realize is that we already are complete. We already have what it takes to achieve greatness.. Start now by doing that thing you’ve been putting off. Don’t wait. Don’t complicate it. Ignore the self-doubts. Just do it. Surround and immerse yourself in an environment that will make you win. Be more resilient by thinking only of the positive end result. Imagine… what your life would be when you have this goal or thing or vision achieved? Don’t just hope. You need to act.

Starting is the biggest battle. Take it one step at a time. Reach out for support if you are stuck; take a break, rethink, research and continue. Don’t listen or consult with people that’ll give you reasons why this can’t be done. They don’t see your idea because it was given to you and not them. Stand-up for your life. Be patient. You are closer than you think. Don’t give up. Don’t wake up one day to find out that you could’ve done this..






The following video is bang on, short and to the point.

Your Past and Other People’s Opinion:

Don’t spend your life at the mercy of circumstances and things beyond your control. If you can’t live and enjoy the presence or appreciate what you have, you’ll have a tough time living a life of fulfillment. To live a life of fulfillment, don’t let your past control you. The past is the past and can’t be changed. Create new memories – better ones. Move forward. What’s the value in reliving the past? It only makes you stuck.

People’s opinions are simply their opinions; don’t let these opinions dictate how you should pursue your passion, live your life to the fullest. These are anchors that’ll prevent you from taking that leap and taking charge of the life you ought to live. Decide and start right now.

Limited Beliefs:

This is a dream killer. Believe in yourself even if you don’t see it. Live like everything is possible. If you can conquer those inner drowning thoughts, you’ll go places.  Realize that every moment you have is a blessing. Take charge of each moment and be grateful. Focus on your accomplishments in life and where you want to go. The “how” will come if you are passionate enough about where you want to go. Constantly live in the mindset of “continued growth and service” to others. Let go of your ego and the constant thoughts of yourself and any thought that’s not going to move you forward.


Why would you live your life at the mercy of others? Don’t live a life to fit in or just to be in relationship with others. While it’s not good to give up on people you love, you also want to assess if they are supportive or not. As the saying goes, in any relationship it takes two to tango. If someone is not interested in your well-being, you are better of alone or forging new relationship. Develop that mental toughness and independence to not be controlled by others. Don’t live your life pleasing people or fearing the judgement of others. It is completely insane to rely on someone else for one’s happiness and fulfillment. You came into this world alone and you will exit alone. Focus on making your mark and touching as much people, positively as you can. Don’t live your life expect anything back.


Don’t chase the money. Money is only a yard-stick of how much value you are creating or have created in the lives of others. If you can do alot more to make people’s life better, you’ll be compensated by as much. Money will not complete you. Not focusing on money and simply focusing on the work and getting incredibly good at delivering value will yield abundance. Living a life of fulfillment comes from who you become. So ask yourself, will having more money make me a bette

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