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How to Make Money OnlineFor years I’ve always known about the possibilities of making money online but I never gave it a thought. Let’s face it. Why should many of us? Especially if you are educated, have a career that’s progressing quite alright and there’s that security of bi-weekly pay, company benefits and perks. I’ve always believed in the traditional way of earning a living – get educated (perhaps, through multiple degrees), get a good job, work hard, get noticed, progress through the corporate ladder and get to the top. But… Are there straightforward and legitimate ways to respond to the question: “how to earn money online”? Can one really make money online? The answer is Yes. Read further or find out how to earn money online!

The playing field has changed and it keeps evolving. In the future, a lot of corporate or non-corporate jobs will be replaced by their automated alternative – they will be disrupted by technology (Artificial intelligence, for one). Timing is of the essence. It’s imperative that you pay attention online to see how technology is disrupting or could disrupt your industry and your work. In fact, don’t take my word for it. Do some research and ask yourself some simple questions: Will my responsibilities and what I do still be extremely valuable in 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 years? What sort of technological changes could the company I work for make to improve its efficiency, reduce redundancies, wastes and to save cost  – could these changes impact my livelihood and that of my family?

If you want true financial abundance, it won’t happen through a 9 to 5 job unless you are earning at the top and smart with your expenses. Even if you are not typically trading your time for money and that you are getting paid for the value you bring to the company, you still need to be an owner to be truly financially free.

I am not advocating that you quit your job. Instead, that there are hundreds of lucrative ways to earn additional or full-time income online besides creating an entire “blue-ocean” of disruptive technology or business. If you are an avid learner, you’ll be blown away by so much you could actually learn online. It is mind boggling.

Affiliate MarketingIn this post, we’ll focus on how to earn money online through Affiliate Marketing, one of the many ways of earning a passive or active income online.

I know.. You might have tried other things before and you are wondering what makes this one different. You may be looking for something you’ll really enjoy doing (and could earn money in the process). You may be worried about the technical aspects of creating an online business and cringe at the feeling of having to do anything that is too technical. You may be worried about what friends and family will think when you tell them you are trying something new online. Perhaps, your spouse will not approve of taking part in some “online thing”. Or plainly, you just wished you could get real help without people trying to sell you stuff all the time.

I encourage you to have an open mind. Besides, you have nothing to lose and only something to gain – learning something new.

Affiliate Marketing – Why It Is Important

Besides financial freedom, imagine you are doing what you are passionate about? Something you are never getting bored at? Imagine you are motivated every day to work? Imagine you could work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer with a WiFi connection? You are your own boss – You don’t need permissions to go on vacations.

Do you hate those long commutes (laced with the never-ending traffic) to work? Do you dread going to that job or just being around people that don’t appreciate you? Do you work too much and don’t spend enough time with your kids, spouse or friends? You don’t even get credit for how hard you work or for your contributions. Instead you get rewarded with what’s not going well. Is the time you spend at work affecting your family life, social life or your health? Do you feel you need to be working when you are spending time with your loved ones? When you are working long hours, do you think you are not spending enough time with your loved ones?

Affiliate Marketing MeaningOK. Maybe  you are retired, a stay home father, mother, grandparent or student looking to earn money on the side. Or you are new to the country and can’t find a decent paying job because the system doesn’t value the expertise or education you brought from your home country? What if you really love what you do but you are looking for a platform where you could truly showcase your passion or talent to the world? Perhaps, you are a subject matter expert in one area and you could teach or contribute to a body of knowledge and be able to earn while doing so? Or perhaps, you are looking for a community of like-minded people?

Once you understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing, you’ll see that it answers the questions and solves the problems insinuated above. There are more than 3 billion people online looking for help in one area or the other. Can you imagine how many times you’ve researched on google on how to do things and you stumbled into helpful websites, videos or posts that had all the answers you needed?

In essence, Affiliate Marketing is about creating value to visitors or potential purchasers to the extent that they are compelled to buy a product on your website. When they do, guess what? You earn money.


 Affiliate Marketing – What It Is

Making Money Online - Online MarketingOne of the many ways to earn online is to build a website that has very useful and value-based content that attracts visitors.

When you become affiliated with companies – example: Amazon or Best-Buy and you promote products that are on their websites, you’ll receive commissions on every sale that’s made because the customer clicked and purchased such products on your website.

Earning an income in this manner is one way to earn online through “Affiliate Marketing” –> you are an “affiliate” or a “marketer” of a product that you are affiliated with. The explanation above is not limited to products that reside on online platforms such as amazon or elsewhere. These can be products you create.

Pictures speak louder than words. The diagram below describes the money-earning process in Affiliate Marketing.

Step 1: Choose an Interest

An interest (also known as niche) can be anything at all. YES! Literally anything. It could be a current hobby or long-lost hobby, your passion or anything you have no personal experience with. The idea is that you are not alone in this world and that there are billions of people (an audience) online looking for help.

Can you help them get what they want? The more people you can help, the more the potential reward. If you can help people get what they want (creating value) you can also benefit through earning commissions when they purchase.

Step 2: Build a Website

Once you’ve clearly identified your interest (niche), building a website is the next step. This is where people come to get the help they need. This is what comes up in people’s google searches. The key here is making sure you have access to tools that’ll help you build a feature-rich website and hosting platform where your content will reside.

To get you started, you can build a free website. See below:

In the future, you may also need to own your domain. Owning a domain can become very valuable down the road once you’ve established a reputation online.

    • Think of or These are domains. Can you imagine how much a domain like or is worth today?
    • Think of domain as a piece of your own real estate online; a platform where you host your online business; you can choose to sell it for a lot of $$ in the future


Step 3: Attract Visitors

Without visitors (converted) you won’t be able to make money. There are things you’ll need to learn on how to optimize your website to index (show-up) under google search. You’ll need to learn how to identify and search for keywords that’ll attract visitors. For the best free keyword search tool, click here.

You’ll need to learn how to create quality content that delivers value to your visitors so they can come back or refer your website to others through social media platforms or through any other means.

Have you ever bookmarked a web-page so you can revisit in the future? Did you pass on the web-link and share with friends? If the answer is Yes, then that’s an example of how visitors gets attracted to a website and remain repeat visitors.

Step 4: Earn Money

Earning money is as simple as having people go on your website, they click and buy promoted products and you earn commissions from their purchase. The coolest thing is that it doesn’t cost people any more than they would buy the product from the source. Instead, they get more value because they first learn from your website on a few more things that enable them to make an informed decision.

OK. You may be thinking.. I got it! Now what? Where do I begin? You can sign up to begin right away or keep reading.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need some tools, resources and access to smart strategies and training on how to be successful. There are a number of platforms online. However, the one I’ll recommend is with Wealthy Affiliate, which i have a unique experience with. Check out the review of Wealthy Affiliate and take action. At Wealthy Affiliate you’ll learn several strategies on how to create an online business, monetize traffic and how to scale your business.

Earning Online Through Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate ReviewUsing the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you can promote other merchant’s products or focus on your niche. One of the many upsides of Wealthy Affiliate is its simplicity (very easy to use) and yet its sophistication in the back-end. It may sound unbelievable until you try. Even the training received via the free membership will walk you through the 4 steps of earning money through Affiliate Marketing.

Fundamentally, at Wealthy Affiliate the process of earning money is broken down into the following 4 steps.






Below is a screen capture of a calculator that allows you to enter your own details to see earning possibilities through wealthy affiliate. This is quite helpful when you are trying to see what’s possible in order to set your goals. These are just examples of different earning possibilities at wealthy affiliate; you can create your own reality and future.


Success Criteria

While making money online is a quite possible as seen from the millions of testimonies you’ll find online, it is not automatic. Let’s face it. If it was, everyone would be online making money. Success however, relies on a few things:

How to Succeed Online1) That you don’t given up at the few sights of trouble or inconvenience. If there is ever a doubt whether you can hit it big with Wealthy Affiliate or earning through affiliate marketing, the doubts should be expunged.

2) There are lots of success stories out there, some of which are true. However, they never happened overnight. Nothing great ever does. It takes a lot of hard work, setting a goal, having a plan, staying focused, being dedicated, committed and persistent to see things through.

3) It involves being patient. Avoid the temptation of cutting corners and trying to make a quick buck. Focus on the value you are creating for your visitors. The money or revenue is simply a yard-stick: a measure of how much value you create.

4) Remember: If you can help as many people get what they want, you’ll be able to get more of what you want.


Start Earning Money Online

You can start earning money online from home or anywhere in the world as long as you have access to a computer.

Review the Wealthy Affiliate program or sign up to start your online business today.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll get the step-by-step training on how to start and become an online entrepreneur. You’ll also see how easy it is to gain access to support from within the community and its leaders. For someone new joining the online business for the first time, it was very reassuring for me to see that I was not alone within the community and that I was surrounded by like-minded people, who were willing to help.

I hope this post has been of some value. Please leave your comments and feedback below and share this post on your social media channels.




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